"they say that the world was built for two
only worth living if somebody is loving you"
i heard you like the bad girls
honey, is that true?

Neon Indian was AWESOME. Even though I almost passed out from dehydration, lol. i’m glad my bf was there to take care of me. i started getting a huge headache & then everything started getting super dark. i’m glad i didn’t pass out.

in other news, i’m starting a new blog NOW. and i’m only following a FEW people that i know irl on the next one. i’m tired of letting everyone know how i’m feeling and such. plus i always feel like people that i know are looking at my blog and judging me. 

bye bitchez!




Sun Was High (So Was I) by Best Coast

Song of the ‘11 summer. 

(via this-ephemeral-life)

i might not even get to see neon indian because my boyfriend is so terribly lazy that he didn’t even try to buy me a ticket until an hour ago and it says “sold out”. just my fucking luck. i really wanted to see him and purity ring. but of course, i’m always at the bottom of his list. his friends are even going and they don’t even listen to neon indian or purity ring. they know like one song. ugh. WTF.